Curling Etiquette

Don’t be late!

  • When you are scheduled to play, be ready to step on the ice on time. When you are late you are holding up seven other curlers!
  • If for some unavoidable reason you will be late, or cannot pay, let your skip know as soon as possible and arrange your own spare.

Help keep the ice clean!

  • Please clean your shoes and slider before stepping on the ice.

Do not disturb a curler in the hack

  • Once a game has begun, please ensure that you do no disturb a curler in the hack
  • Do not cross the ice when a player is in the hack.
  • Keep your distance.
  • Be silent.

Be ready to shoot

  • Be ready to take your position in the hack as soon at your opponent has delivered his stone.
  • This speeds up the game and keeps all players on their toes.
  • Delays detract from the game, and may result in shortened games.

Release the stone before the hog line

  •  The handle should be clearly released before the hog line

Sweepers stay between the hog lines

  • When you are a sweeper, and it is not your team’s turn to throw, your position is on the side lines between the hog lines.
  • Only the skips and vices are allowed behind the tee line.

Do not get in the way of the opposing team

  • Stay out of the way of the opposing sweepers.
  • Stay to the side of the ice when you are not sweeping.
  • Sweepers should walk back along the sides of the ice leaving the ice for the opposition to use.
  • Do not cross the ice when a player is in the hack.

Keep alert

  • Pay attention to every shot being played; your opponents’ and your team mates’.
  • Stop rocks before they leave your sheet and venture on to the adjacent sheet.

Be ready to sweep

  • After your team mate releases a rock be ready to sweep.
  • Don’t be in the position of having to run to catch up with the rock

Don’t stop a burnt rock

  • If you touch a rock (‘burn it”), do not stop it.
  • Allow the rock to continue to its rest.
  • Notify your skip that the rock was burnt.

Notify the skips if you have touched a stone

  • If you have personally moved a stationary store, say so immediately so that it may be replaced (put into original position) to the satisfaction of the opposing Skip.

One sweeper behind the tee line

  • Only one sweeper per team is allowed behind the tee line.
  • Arrange with your sweeping partner before hand who will continue to sweep once the rock is behind the tee line.

Stand still while in the house

• A skip or third standing the house should keep perfectly still and avoid doing anything which would disturb the concentration of the opposing player in the hack.

Be a good sport

• Never pass an adverse remark about a poor shot or smile at an opponent’s misfortune.
• In fact, compliment them, as well as your own, on shots well made!

Scoring and measuring by the thirds only

• The thirds (vices) must agree on the score at the end of each end.
• When a measurement is necessary, only the two vices shall be in the house.
• No rocks are to be moved until the vices say so.