A Fun Project


The Board of Directors, specifically Christian Morton of the Board, is soliciting ideas for a new logo for the Port Elgin Curling Club!  Are you feeling creative?  Do you have some graphic art skills?  The challenge is on and we would like talented members to come up with something new, eye-catching and appropriate to celebrate our club and it’s prominence in the community as we promote Fun, Fitness and Friendship!  

Our current logo is displayed below.  Please submit your ideas for a new logo to Christian crmorton75@gmail.com. He would like to have submissions by the end of December and he will circulate all the ideas to the members for a vote in the new year.

THE BAR:FYI, if you haven’t noticed already, we have a debit machine at the bar for you to use when you purchase refreshments after curling.  TAP technology is available on the machine. This is a very appropriate convenience and a welcome alternative to handling cash during the pandemic.  So…wear a mask, socially distance and bring your debit card!    P.S. Don’t forget your QR CODE for check-in at the door!               

Covid Protocols / Contact Tracing App


The power outage yesterday forced cancellation of Ladies and Men’s curling. It’s difficult curling without the lights on but a big problem was the ice.  The ice plant wasn’t functioning and there were concerns as the ice temperature increased that we could have major problems.  The ice crew did what they could, electrical power returned and we are back curling again today.


It is important that all curlers follow the COVID Curling Protocol that has been created.  If you haven’t had a chance to read it or you need to check it out again the protocol is available here.

Important reminders: Please follow the guidelines for social distancing when you are on the ice.  There are areas marked on the ice where curlers are required to stand for proper social distancing. NOTE: Only skips are allowed to stand on the end boards. Please don’t congregate there during the game. When you are on the ice, you are actually playing two games…the game of curling and the game of social distancing.  Play them well!


A contact tracing app email has been, or will be sent to every member of the curling club.  The email will come from ­noreply@ontcurl.com.  If you did not receive it, check your junk mail.  We understand, for many, that it may be there.  The email has a unique QR code attached to it.  The QR code is what you use to “check in” every time you come to the curling club using the tablet, on the stand located beside the kitchen door outside the lounge. 

If your Ontario Curling email went to junk mail, please configure your email to accept this sender or to accept messages from ontcurl.com.  This is necessary for potential, future notification in the case of a COVID contact at our club.

If you are having difficulties, contact Earl Anderson, eanderson@bmts.com,  and he will have a QR code sent to you.

Open House


Newsletter of the Port Elgin Curling Club


The curling season started on Monday and the club is a busy place again.  It is great to see so many new curlers and returning members out on the ice.  We all realize that things are different and that COVID has thrown a damper on the way we have done things in the past but we will all do our part and everyone, in the meantime is having fun! 

Our OPEN HOUSE was a great success last Saturday.  50+ people were through the house.  New members were signed up and there were lots of folks out on the ice giving the game a try. There is lots of interest in LEARN TO CURL and we have the maximum of 20 participating with 5 on the waiting list!  The program started on Tuesday evening and there was a great mix of young and “older” on the ice.  NEW MEMBERS? At this point we have 29 new members.  This number is probably going to increase a wee bit and overall, our membership has increased, the leagues have filled to a healthy level and there is a renewed interest in the club throughout the community.  THE ICE is the best we have had this early in the season. There have been challenges with the summer-like weather but Ed Nicholls and the ICE GUYS have worked hard and given us great ice. THE PRO SHOP has been busy and will be open this Saturday from 10AM until 2PM for anyone who needs new gear.



Saturday, November 14, 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

One hour before draw Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays

By Appt:  386 2323 or 377 3571

Check out the Goldline web site at: www.goldlinecurling.com



Newsletter of the Port Elgin Curling Club



Our Open House gives you the opportunity to join up for the season, if you haven’t done so already and to bring others out to see the club.  Folks will be present to provide details about leagues and other curling club news.  The ice is ready (and it looks beautiful) so you can bring your gear and throw a few rocks!  Why not bring a friend or a neighbour or a stranger off the street who might be interested in giving curling a try? 




The Pro Shop will be OPEN during the Open House.  Take a look at the equipment available.  This is a chance to get ready for the season with something new!  Why not upgrade your broom, shoes, gloves or gripper.  It’s all there for you and members receive a 10% discount!  Close to home shopping for Goldline Curling equipment.  How good is that?

If you can’t get to the club Saturday, and you need some new gear you can call Doug Flowers 519-389-2323 or Jan McGarry 519-377-3571.  They will be happy to help.  The Pro Shop will be open for one hour prior to the evening draws November 9 -19.


The protocol for the curling club has been created and released. An outline of the protocol and an attached copy of the document will be available in the next HOG LINE Newsletter.

LET THE FUN BEGIN! Regular season curling begins on Monday!!  Get signed up.  Let’s have some fun!!   

Return to Curl Protocol


Newsletter of the Port Elgin Curling Club


Our curling season is about to begin and we all know it will be different for all of us because of COVID.  

The safety of curlers and the staff of the curling club is everyone’s concern. Your Return to Play Committee has worked diligently to create a protocol for members to follow.  Follow this link to Covid-19 Curling Protocols.


  • Every member will be required to sign a “COVID-19 Declaration of Compliance”
  • There is an important protocol to be followed if you have symptoms of COVID, if you have been tested and are positive for COVID or if you have been in contact with someone who is positive for COVID.
  • MASKS: provide your own mask, bring it and wear it when you MUST according to the protocol.
  • There are lounge and washroom protocols that explain how to check in, where to sit to change into your gear and the limitations for the washroom.
  • ON ICE PROTOCOLS are very important.  They outline some fundamental but very easy differences in the way we must proceed with the games on the ice.
  • BAR and BARTENDER PROTOCOLS: simple and easy to follow so members can have a beverage after their game in a COVID safe environment.


REMEMBER…Curling is a fun game.  It is a great way to connect with friends and have some social time.  COVID has changed the way we have to approach the game from a health perspective but it should not change the fact that we are there to enjoy the game and our friends.

For more information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_KjKuUDbxQ

And please, read the covid-19 web page!

Contact Tracing +

Contact Tracing

To help comply with Ministry of Health guidelines we now have a Samsung tablet in the lounge that will allow you to log in every time you enter the club. For existing members, I will import your name, email, gender, and phone number to the data base for the tablet and you will receive an email with a QR code to scan when entering the club. This provides for a touch free entry. Save the QR Code in a place on your smart phone or print a hard copy on paper to scan. The tablet has a split screen and the left one is for QR code scan. Present the QR code to the left top back side of the tablet and you will see it in the screen hold still at about 3” back from the screen and the tablet will read your code and log you in. When looked in you will see a personalized greeting across the bottom of the screen. The middle and right of the screen are for entry by people not in the data base. 

Lounge Seating

There are 8 separate tables with 4 chairs each and spaced to allow social distancing. Identification of which table you should sit at for the league you are playing in will be covered in a message next week focused on return to curling protocols. 

Stay Safe

Earl Anderson 

President PECC BOD



A great new addition to our curling club is now ready for you. Our very own curling equipment PRO SHOP is open for business.  Is it finally time to upgrade your equipment?  Are your gloves worn out? Does your brush head look like it has been varnished?  Are your shoes tired and ready to recycle?  Would you like to change to equipment that offers higher performance?  You can do your curling equipment upgrades in the comfort of the club without leaving town.

Doug Flowers and Jan McGarry will be operating our Pro Shop and offering Goldline equipment for you to purchase. Port Elgin Curling Club members receive a 10% discount!!


Saturday, October 31st 10AM – 2PM

Saturday, November 7th 10AM – 2PM

Saturday November 14th 10AM – 2PM

November 9th – November 19th for one hour prior to each evening draw.

If you decide you need something when the Pro Shop is not open you can give Doug or Jan a call at 519-386-2323 or 519-377-3571

For curling equipment information before you visit the pro shop: www.goldlinecurling.com 


OPEN HOUSE: Saturday, November 7th, 10AM – 2PM.

TRY CURLING WEEK: November 9th – 14th.

LEARN TO CURL: Sign up now!

For more information visit our website: www.portelgincurlingclub.com 

Follow us on Facebook!

Let’s Get Social

We are joining social media in a BIG way!  The curling club has retained the services of Kristen Biederman, a business communications graduate who has managed social media platforms for the Shaw Festival and Niagara Casinos. Kristen and her husband own Biederman Web Consulting and she also has a creative home décor business, Hello Gorgeous. They live in Port Elgin and have 2 sons, Andy and Alex.

Why social media?  As we work to attract new members to curling and to our club, we need to have an effective, modern presence with the audience that uses social media.  Kristen will use her expertise to help us fill that gap.  She has already pumped up our Facebook image and will soon be taking us into the world of Instagram and eventually Twitter.

How can you help?  We would really like your assistance and it is easy… if you use Facebook, link to the Port Elgin Curling Club page, recommend us, like us and follow us.  We have nearly 350 likes now.  Let’s break the barrier of 1,000!  And CONTENT for our Facebook page is always wanted.  If you have any news that you would like to get out there about the club, or if you get a chance to click a picture when you are at the club or elsewhere that would be of interest or related to club activities please send everything to Kristen: biederman.kristen@gmail.com.


Our website portelgincurlingclub.com is managed by club member Jim Barron.  He has been working diligently at upgrading the site’s content and appearance.  It looks very modern and it is very easy to navigate. When you have a chance, take a look at the web site.  If you haven’t joined yet for this season you can easily look after that using tabs on the web site.  In addition, you will find an FAQ page that will answer questions about the club that will be helpful for you and for new members. You may know others who are interested in curling and you can direct them to this page or use what’s there to answer questions they may have for you.


Soon to come……information regarding the opening of the Port Elgin Curling Club PRO SHOP! When you are digging out the old equipment, keep in mind you will not have to travel far to upgrade. Details in the next exciting edition of the Hog Line!

AGM Recap


Our Annual General Meeting, delayed because of COVID, was held last night at the curling club.  There was a good turnout of masked members and everyone was physically distanced.  The board shared information about finances, updated us on the physical improvements to the building as well as the plans to operate this season and provide a FUN curling experience for members and guests.  We have transitioned to new leadership with Earl Anderson as our president, succeeding Ed Nicholls, now our past president.  We are indeed lucky to move seamlessly from good leadership (thank you Ed) to good leadership (thank you Earl).


Doug Flowers reported on the extensive plan that the Membership Promotion Committee has developed.  We are looking to increase our membership and promote the game of curling and what we do at the curling club as FUN and Doug is asking all members to be Fun Ambassadors as they promote curling and our curling club.

Our membership numbers at this time are good and growing.  We have new and returning members signed up, a Learn to Curl group forming and, in general, renewed interest in the club and the game of curling.



You are invited to come to the curling club, bring your friends, take to the ice, throw some rocks. If your curling equipment is tired or worn out, check the GoldLine curling equipment display!


A week available for individuals, teams and companies to try curling and see what it’s all about.  A great opportunity for groups of friends, co-workers, golfing foursomes, slow pitch teams etc. to try it out and move on to having some social time and fun on the ice over the season.


The ice committee is making ice!  The plant is up and running and we are on schedule to have ice for curling November 7 at the Open House and for league play to start November 9.


It is easy.  Go to our web site, follow the links.  It is a smooth process.