Curling at PECC

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General Information


All members should plan on attending the curling club’s membership meetings. As a member-owned club, it is important that you participate and voice your concerns and praises at these meetings.

Annual General Meeting: March 22, 2017


Clinics are offered at the beginning of the season. These clinics are free and are highly recommended for new curlers.


Looking to improve your game? All club curlers with at least one year of curling experience are invited to attend a clinic. The membership will be notified via email when this clinic will be held which will likely be around the end of November or early December. Kate will be instructing this clinic and is a Level 2 Curling Instructor with Provincial, National and International coaching experience. Topic covered will include delivery, sweeping and one on one technical delivery analysis. If you would like more details feel free to contact Gary at 519-832-6354.

PLEASE NOTE: Clinics will run Sun Oct 22 as long as the ice is ready. Times will be posted in the club.


All entries for OCA events must be entered on-line at . If you are registering for an event through the online registration system for the first time, you will need to set up an account. Creating an account is a one-time process. If you have trouble registering, there is step-by-step explanation attached to the database that will guide you through the process of setting up an account. The entry deadline for each competition is shown on the OCA website ( as well as the OCA poster posted in the club. The deadline must be adhered to. It is up to each skip to enter their team using the on-line registration and pay the entry fee during the registration process. After the on-line registration is completed, the Club OCA Representative must confirm their eligibility electronically or via either email or fax. If you have any question or trouble regarding the new process for entering an OCA event, please contact Don Meyer, OCA Director 519 832-6298.


The nominated member must meet the following set of criteria.
1. No longer actively curling in the PECC for the last two years or no longer living in the area.
2. Has acquired a full debenture.
3. Has not been a member of the PECC board of directors for the past 2 years.
4. Has made a significant contribution to the PECC.
5. The nomination requires seven member nominations and three board member nominations.
6. The nominee cannot nominate them self.
7. The nominee has been a PECC member for a minimum of twenty-five years.
8. The nomination must be voted by the PECC board of directors.



All members who wish to be behind the bar or serve as a bartender during special events are required to have their Smart Serve certification. This certification may be obtained on line by going to


A) There are no special fee structures for sparing. It is the expectation that when spares are required, the following order of spare selection shall be made:

  1. All members who have signed up to be on the draws spares list.
  2. Full membership members from other draws.
  3. One league curlers.
  4. Sparing rules for play-offs will be determined by the schedulers

Members can only spare in the draw for which they have paid their membership.

B) If you make the play-offs you can play during the play-offs representing the team you were part of. You may also spare during the play-offs for any team that played in the draw you were part of. Members can only spare for their own draws during regular play.

C) Members who are one league only members only can spare once per draw (max 3 times per season) in any other league, excluding play-offs.



Members can obtain a club key from the Vice President, Barry Lawrie. There is a $5.00 deposit on the key if you currently have no key. Your key number will be recorded for future reference.