FAQ 2020/21

So what is the Port Elgin Curling Club?

Curling is now played in over 100 countries throughout the world and in our community, it is played at our club beside the high school on Gustavus Street. Curlers are renowned to be friendly and sociable and we in Port Elgin like to think we uphold that reputation. In fact our tag line is FUN! FITNESS! FRIENDSHIP!

Is it SAFE to curl in view of the Covid Pandemic?

The PECC is committed to providing a safe curling environment and is adhering to  protocols and standards as defined by Curling Canada, the Ontario Curling Association and the Ministry of Health. These standards and protocols can be found on the PECC website and they will be updated in accordance with Public Health directives. At a time when travel and participation in other activities is limited, the PECC will be a safe environment in which you can be active and social. 

Do I need any experience?

Absolutely not. You can join an eight week Learn to Curl program at the beginning of the season if you like, however if you just want to dive into a league, there are lots of us who will give you a hand and teach you on the fly. 

Can I give it a shot before I commit?

Yes, there is an Open House on Saturday October 17th from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. We invite you to drop in, enjoy some munches, and throw some rocks. League play starts on the 19th, however if you want to ease in you can join the eight week Learn to Curl program, or just come out and throw rocks with one of our experienced members.   

Can I play on a team with my friends and colleagues?

There are leagues on the various days of the week, both daytime and evening, that cater to different interests, levels of competitiveness, and time commitments.

A NEW TEAM ENTRY league from 7:30 to 9:00 on Wednesday evenings is designed specifically for friends and colleagues who wish to join as a team. The team can be comprised of any number of players, the only proviso being that any four have to show up to play on Wednesday evenings, (though any number of spectators can cheer behind the glass). The Team entry fee is $600 for the first session up to Christmas, and $1000 if the team wishes to enter for the entire season through to March.

Do I have to show up each week? I work shifts. Also, my parents are interested, but just retired and go away for three weeks in February. 

We accommodate shifts and travel. Though a game requires four players on each team, many teams are comprised of five, six or seven players. They work out a schedule amongst themselves that accommodates shift and travel schedules. Don’t have such a group? Talk to us, we’ll introduce you to others looking to put such a team together.

What does it cost? 

Fees for individual members are geared to your circumstances and the amount you wish to play. The season is divided into two “draws”, before Christmas and after Christmas. You may play in either one or both. Likewise, if you wish to play in one league only, fees are less than unlimited play. The following are basic fees, including HST. 

Full Membership 2 draw @ $366.00

One draw full @$193.00

One league 2 draws @ $279.00

One league 1 draw $150.00

First time members pay half fees for the first season!!

The exception to the above individual fees is the Wednesday Team Entry league, the cost of which was outlined earlier.

The eight week Learn to Curl program costs $125, however all or part of the fee (depending on level of membership) will be deducted from the membership fee if you join.

How do I join?

You can do it a few ways. You can drop in and see us at the Open house on October 17th.. We will sign you up, give you a tour, and take you on ice for Curling 101, a primer. 

You can also go to the club website www.portelgincurlingclub.com, complete the registration form, and submit it from the site. We’ll be in touch with you shortly thereafter. 

Can I join at other times of the year?

Yes, you can join at anytime in the season. Just go to our website and contact one of our directors. We’ll get you familiarized and into a schedule that accommodates you.  

What do I bring to play?

Curling is played on ice and involves some stretching. A warm sweater or jacket, gloves, and warm stretchy pants will keep you comfortable. Wear clean athletic shoes. In the early going we’ll provide sanitized brushes and grippers for your feet. 

Are there any age or ability limitations?

Curling is a highly accessible sport. It is played by ages six to ninety, those with good knees and bad knees, and with any description of ability and disability. The “stick”, a device used to throw the rock from the standing position, has allowed many to stay in the game, or to engage and be proficient at the game, despite physical impediments. 

Who do I contact for more information?

Web site – www.portelgincurlingclub.com

Phone: 519 386 2323  or 519 483 5517