Christmas News

The Hog Line


GIVE THE GIFT OF CURLING: If there is a person in your life who would like to learn the game of curling this could be the way…gift certificates for enrollment in our January Learn to Curl program are waiting for purchase.  $100 buys the full Learn to Curl program and entitles the participant to join a league in our winter draw! It’s a great deal.  Listen in to 98 The Beach on Thursday morning at 8:30 and hear Dave Middleton on air, talking it up with morning show host Brian Longmire, for all of the details and even more about our club!  

PRO SHOP and JEWELRY:  As members know, the Pro Shop is open for Christmas curling shopping close to home. Jewelry has been added to the curling equipment lineup.  The attractive necklaces, bracelets and earrings available serve two purposes…a gift for someone on your shopping list and all profits from jewelry sales will be donated to our local food bank. Items are on display at the club and pictures can seen on our Facebook page.  Check it all out.


MEN WANTED: Ha-ha, this is not a club sponsored dating site, it’s an invitation to men members to join the ladies on FRIDAY AFTERNOONS AT 1 PM for some fun curling in the open league.  It seems the ladies have a great desire to show off their curling skills and teach men how to have fun on the ice!

TUESDAY EVENING OPEN LEAGUE: Jan McGarry reports: “The Tuesday evening open league is new to the club this year and it is a terrific success! We have 6 teams comprised of the perfect mix of new and experienced curlers, new members, previous members, male, female, young and dare I say “seasoned” curlers! This makes for fun games and also great conversation after the games… having fun is easy with this group and new friendships are forming! Similar to the other leagues, we have been challenged to learn the new COVID protocols but everyone is committed to playing safe and enjoying the game. Every Tuesday we curl alongside the Learn to Curl (LTC) group and we see some very keen and talented new curlers! We look forward to welcoming LTC graduates to the Tuesday night league in the winter draw!”

WEDNESDAY EVENING MIXED DOUBLES: 15 teams curl in two draws on Wednesday evenings (1 team has a bye). Doubles curling is an enjoyable, fast moving, strategic game. If you haven’t tried this curling format you can join our league when the new draw begins January 20.  You can sign up with a partner or as a single.  Come on out for some fun and interesting curling.  Contact Doug Hamilton: