Return to Curl Protocol


Newsletter of the Port Elgin Curling Club


Our curling season is about to begin and we all know it will be different for all of us because of COVID.  

The safety of curlers and the staff of the curling club is everyone’s concern. Your Return to Play Committee has worked diligently to create a protocol for members to follow.  Follow this link to Covid-19 Curling Protocols.


  • Every member will be required to sign a “COVID-19 Declaration of Compliance”
  • There is an important protocol to be followed if you have symptoms of COVID, if you have been tested and are positive for COVID or if you have been in contact with someone who is positive for COVID.
  • MASKS: provide your own mask, bring it and wear it when you MUST according to the protocol.
  • There are lounge and washroom protocols that explain how to check in, where to sit to change into your gear and the limitations for the washroom.
  • ON ICE PROTOCOLS are very important.  They outline some fundamental but very easy differences in the way we must proceed with the games on the ice.
  • BAR and BARTENDER PROTOCOLS: simple and easy to follow so members can have a beverage after their game in a COVID safe environment.


REMEMBER…Curling is a fun game.  It is a great way to connect with friends and have some social time.  COVID has changed the way we have to approach the game from a health perspective but it should not change the fact that we are there to enjoy the game and our friends.

For more information:

And please, read the covid-19 web page!