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Covid-19 Protocols

last updated November 2020

Ensuring the safety of staff and the membership is the primary concern for the board of directors.

But safety is not just the responsibility of the board; every single member plays a role in ensuring our collective safety.  To that end, every member will be required to sign a “Covid-19 Declaration of Compliance” before he/she can curl this season.


This is the protocol if a member of the curling club has covid-19 symptoms, has been in contact with a positive Covid-19 individual or has tested positive for the Covid-19 virus.

We all have a responsibility to know the signs and symptoms of Covid-19 and to withdraw ourselves from play if we experience them!

If you have been exposed to someone with Covid-19 or you have any symptoms of Covid-19 or are feeling unwell, DO NOT COME TO THE CLUB!

If you develop symptoms while at the club, notify your skip or scheduler and go home. You then have a responsibility to have a Covid-19 screening test or call Public Health Grey Bruce at 519-376-9420.

The skip or scheduler will then contact the president who will contact Public Health Grey Bruce and they will direct the club as to follow-up protocol.

Under Ministry of Health protocol, anyone who tests positive will be contacted by the Public Health Unit who will advise them on their treatment actions(which will include self-isolation and contact tracing).The Health Unit will review any potential of close contact while infectious and contact anyone else who may be at risk. Additional cleaning of the club may be requested if infectious contact is determined.

The club will use the contact tracing app from Curl-On and the contacts are stored for 30 days.


We will be following standard health protocols. Masks will be required when moving about in the curling club at all times. This includes all common areas such as lounge, washrooms, stairwells, hallways and in the ice rink until engaged in play. This allowance is in line with Health protocols (exception for physical exercise), is meant to keep members physically safe on the ice, and is the protocol many curling clubs are adopting for their own play.


  • Signage including Covid-19 questions, and mask notice to be posted in entrance, lounge, hallways and washrooms.
  • Ensure social distancing in vestibule area- a limit of 3. Others must wait outside and adhere to social distancing.
  • Curlers will arrive prepared to play, there will be no access to lockers or locker rooms to change clothes.
  • Hand sanitizing stations are set up in numerous locations throughout the club. All curlers will hand sanitize when entering.
  • Members will check in with the QR tablet either via their cell phone or a printed QR code.
  • Members must supply and be responsible for their own mask/face covering.
  • Remove street footwear before the designated marked point/place in boot trays.
  • Tables will be assigned to curlers based upon which sheet they’re playing. The tables will only have 4 seats per table for one assigned team. Coats/sports bags can be stored under chairs.
  • Washroom usage will be posted and limited to 2 at a time.


  • Club courtesy brooms, stabilizers and gripper/sliders will be available. After use the member is required to sanitize the item used.
  •  There will be no water jugs provided so curlers should bring their own drink containers.
  • Curlers will enter the ice rink in reverse order, ie: D,C,B and last A
  • Sheets A and C will start their game at the wall end (south) and sheets B and D will start their game at the glass end (north).
  • No player shall move any other player stones with their hand—it is recommended that you use your broom heads to push the rocks when the end is completed.
  • A coin toss can be done to determine who has the hammer for the first end, with the vice from either team being the only one to handle their own coin. It is suggested that each curler bring their own coin. No hand shakes.
  • The vice with the blue rocks will be responsible for keeping score for both teams as well as replacing the cards back in the box at the end of the game.
  • Only one sweeper will be allowed on the rock for the entire length of the ice.
  • Skips/vices may NOT sweep in the house.
  •  At the conclusion of each end the second or lead of the scoring team shall remove the rocks from the house using broom heads to do so, once the score is determined. All other curler will proceed to their starting position for the next end.
  • If the rock measuring device is required they must be sanitized after use. One vice only to make the measurement all other players will physically distance from the house.
  • The progression of the game will be conducted following the guidelines outlined by the OCA return to play document.
  • Skips are responsible to report the score to the scheduler.
  • Sanitize your rocks and club equipment after play / or 1 team member can sanitize the teams rocks after play.
  • Return to table/follow bar protocol.
  • Sanitize your table and chair before leaving.


Member’s Protocol for Bartenders and Use

  • Only ONE bartender behind the bar at all times and for each draw.
  • Draw master or scheduler, at the beginning of the game, will request for a certified bartender from each sheet of ice to volunteer to bartend for the draw.
  • The volunteer who is off the ice first is the bartender for the draw. (Please volunteer when you are able to stay until the last curler leaves for your draw.)
  • Cleaning or end of draw cleaning instructions will be posted in the bar area.  Only after cleaning can another bartender go into the bar to bartend, this may apply to leagues that have a second draw or if a volunteer must leave early for any reason.
  • Empty beer cans and used wine glasses will be put on table outside bar area in their appropriate spots as marked.  This will minimize and control access to bar and kitchen. Plastic glasses will be put in recycle bin.

To purchase drinks only one person is allowed in the designated space in front of bar and follow directional signs.  Please consider only purchasing your drink so as not contaminating the drink you are buying for some else. Always remember to social distance of six feet when waiting to order.

Bartenders protocol in the bar area

Hello Bartenders and Thank You for volunteering for this job, it is a very important job to keep all members and you safe.

  • Please wash/sanitize your hands upon entering bar.
  • Masks in bar area is not necessary due to plexi- glass protection shield but may be used if you desire.
  • Sign in as the bartender for the date.  
  • Sanitize bar counter before you start and frequently.
  • Sanitize ATM unit after each use especially if member doesn’t use tap feature.
  • Wiping of all touch surfaces with sanitizer is very important during and for the final cleaning before closing bar: These includes —                                                                                                                                   light switches, bar counter, all counters in bar area, sink and taps handles of cupboards and refrigerator, ice machine top and  tongs after each use, wine bottle should be wiped before returning to refrigerator or back on counter after serving, liquor bottle surfaces after use if you have touch any of the surface, cash register/ATM unit, bottle opener, table outside bar, plexi-glass both inside and out, and finally wipe keys for storage room and bar                             
  • Bring used wine glasses to kitchen area and place near dishwasher.
  • Beer cases with empties will be return to storage room when full, if partially full will be placed under bar table until the next draw.

Please Note:  It is recommended that you watch the following short video to view how curling will look this season:  

Thank you for your co-operation this curling season.

Your Return-to-Play Committee.


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